In order to represent the findings of our data in a visual way, we used Cytoscape, which allows us to input raw data and output a network graph. This is the graph we came up with. Note: if viewing in Chrome, you may need to click on the space for the image to open it, then click back to return to the page.

There have been some hints in the show that the Morty who belongs to Rick C-137 may not be his original Morty. We wondered if we could graphically show that another Morty might have once belonged to him. Our network graph, which focuses on "Close Encounters of the Rick Kind," shows the interaction of the characters from dimension C-137--Rick, Morty, Beth, and Jerry--with characters from other dimensions. As you can see, there is one Morty who interacts with Rick C-137. This interaction occurs when Rick C-137 is sentenced by the Council of Ricks to the Machine of Unspeakable Doom and he breaks free of his captors. After he shoots off Morty's and his own handcuffs, he yells "Run Morty!" Morty C-137 follows his direction... But another Morty from the crowd also begins to run as instructed by Rick C-137. He is stopped by another Rick in the crowd who informs him the instruction was not meant for him. It is very odd that this one Morty would choose to obey an order given by Rick C-137 when all the rest of the Mortys throughout the episode are limited in their interactions with C-137 characters to Morty; no others directly interact with Rick C-137.

Created by: A. Hall and D. Lint. GitHub. Creative Commons License Powered by firebellies.