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About the Project

This project was created by Dorothea Lint and Ally Hall at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg for the Digital Humanities Coding and data Visualization class. Its purpose is to take the transcribed versions of the episodes from all seasons of the show, clean up the format including adding missing elements and xml markup, and extract data based on several research questions, such as "Where in time are the cultural references that the episodes are based on? Is there any pattern or cluster in these references that can be discerned from gathering them in one space?" and "What are the dimensional rules for Mortys in relating to Ricks based on the idea that every Rick has a Morty?"

About the Team

Dorothea Lint is a student at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, majoring in English Literarure, minoring in Psychology, and pursuing the Digital Humanities Certificate. Employed as an Independent Contractor for 16 years, in her spare time she reads, rescues cats, loves intellectual shows like Rick and Morty, and has realized while submitting this write-up that she just may be the most uninteresting person in the world!

Ally Hall is also a student at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg majoring in Science Journalism and Computer Science. She enjoys web design, physics, science fiction, and her two pet birds. She hasn't seen Rick and Morty before, so working on this project was a welcome challenge!

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